Huntington Beach Bodysurfing & Handboard Championships

The 2017 Huntington Beach Bodysurfing & Handboard Championships will take place later this year in southern California.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, this 3 day event will start on Friday 11th August going through the weekend, with about 250 participants expected to compete. As there are so many expected to take part there are various categories, so an event for just about everyone. The contest is usually free to all youths 19 & Under which encourages local kids to participate too.

mens gandchamp01 [2938810]

Don McCredie – Mens Grand Champion

 Last year’s categories included:-

  • Kids 12 & Under
  • Girls 19 & Under
  • Boys 13-15
  • Teens 16-19
  • Women 20 & Older
  • Men 20-39
  • Men 40-59
  • Legends 60 & Older
  • Handplaning 19 & Younger
  • Handplaning 20 & Older

Last years Men’s Grand Champion was Don McCredie, Women’s Grand Champion Ella Jensen and Handplaning Grand Champion Augie Cunningham.

handplane grandchamp02

Augie Cunningham – Handboarding Grand Champion


These Championships are held just one week before the Oceanside World Bodysurfing Championships, so are a great way to test out the pre-existing surf conditions ahead of the main event!


women grandchamp03 [2887647]

Ella Jensen – Women’s Grand Champion

More information can be found at Chubascos Bodysurfing

  • Contributor:- Tar Larner

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