BWT Qualifiers

Here is the full list of qualifiers for the Bodysurfing World Tour Finals.

The preliminaries and main event will be held in Oahu, Hawaii, during the period 4 – 14 June 2024. Full details about this event can be found at the IBSA.

Europe / Africa

Alix Schorsch (France)Uhaïna Hegoas (France)
Nathan Lehoux (France)Léa Novion (France)
Matias Hegoas (France)Sakina Bargach (Morocco)
Chouaib Boudhim (Morocco)Diane Mondin (France)
Pako Junca Ituriaga (France)
Thomas Arrow (United Kingdom)
Imad Bourogui (Morocco)
Michele Florio (Italy)

North America

Bryan Knowles (USA)Scotti Shafer (USA)
Edward Sweeney (USA)Miko Baron (USA)
Greg Wilkinson (USA)Michelle Urkov (USA)
Ian Moore (USA)Meredith Rose (USA)
Frank Musso (USA)
David Curry (USA)
John Black (USA)
Pat Malo (USA)


Qualifiers for Bodysurfing World Tour Finals

Qualifiers for the inaugural International BodySurfing Association (IBSA) Bodysurfing World Tour (BWT) Finals 2024 have recently been announced for the various regional zones, along with those who have been invited to take part in a preliminary Wild Card knock-out round.

The regional zones who staged events were North America, Asia/Australia, Latin America, Polynesia/ Hawaii and Europe/ Africa.

Each area held regional qualifying events during 2023 to establish their direct qualifiers and also those who could participate in a preliminary knock-out Wild Card competition to obtain the final few places.

North America

North America held their events at Ventura, San Clemente and Huntington Beach, all in California. The top two scores from the three BWT QS contests in California determined the final rankings for each competitor.

The four women that will represent this region include two Southern Californian teenagers who have burst onto the scene – Miko Baron (17, from Oceanside) and Michelle Urkov (16, from Huntington Beach). Veterans who made the grade were Scotti Shafer from San Clemente, and Meredith Rose from Del Mar.

​The men also found some newcomers to the podium in several contests this year, but in the end the eight men and four women earning the right to represent North America outright are:

North America Qualifiers

Bryan Knowles (USA) 1860Scotti Shafer (USA)1860
Edward Sweeney (USA)1720Miko Baron (USA)1860
Greg Wilkinson (USA)1555Michelle Urkov (USA) 1610
Ian Moore (USA) 1400Meredith Rose (USA)1400
Frank Musso (USA)1225
David Curry (USA) 1180
John Black (USA) 1165
Pat Malo (USA) 1110


After an incredible series of events in Australia, the IBSA are thrilled to announce the top performers who have secured their spots in the Bodysurfing World Tour Finals for the Australia-Asia region.

There were two qualifying events, both in Australia.

Coolum Wedge Festival set the stage for the first qualifying event, and the response was phenomenal! With 48 talented men and 15 outstanding women taking part in the festival, it was three days of epic competition. Coolum’s legendary waves didn’t disappoint, and the morning of the IBSA contest greeted us with perfect conditions.


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