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The map above shows up-to-date bodysurfing conditions for approximately 900 beaches around the world. Zoom in to select good bodysurfing areas, then compare nearby beaches (full 5 day forecasts are available for all locations). Once zoomed in the slider can also be used to view colour changes in the next few days.

All beach forecasts are based on NOAA WW3 forecast data (utilising operational NCEP products) which are then manipulated to be bodysurfing specific, and are updated on a daily basis.


The UK Bodysurfing Association and UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.'s.

Join the UK Bodysurfing Association to take part in regular Meet Ups around SW England, gaining expertise in the sport of bodysurfing.

Find out about the Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships 2017, taking place at Fistral Beach, Newquay.


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Global Swell Outlook

17th to 23rd April 2017:-

The Swell Outlook for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans - including prospects for tropical cyclone development.

Global Swell Outlook

Pacific Ocean:-

In the north Pacific there is an area of low pressure over Japan early this week with some large swell associated with it. This low will move away from midweek on wards, so take advantage of the waves as this takes place. The second half of the week and next weekend is much quieter.

There is again some very good westerly swell for Hawaii this week, which only gets larger later in the week into next weekend as a deep area of low pressure crosses to the north of the islands.

After a quiet start this week some decent swell will spread south down the west coast of the USA later on.

In the South Pacific Chile and Peru start very calm, but a very large, long period, southwesterly swell can be expected to arrive from midweek into next weekend.

Atlantic Ocean:-

In the north Atlantic there will be a large, slow moving, area of high pressure in the central Atlantic, resulting in some decent northerly swell heading down the North Sea this week.

Elsewhere the area of high pressure will result in an easterly swell developing off the west coast of Europe, principally near northern Spain. Offshore winds are expected to develop and assist to create some great bodysurfing conditions.

Over on the western side, there will be some good swell again for the Bahamas.

In the south Atlantic there will be some swell for South Africa, but not nearly as good as last week was. Western and eastern coasts of South Africa should fare the best.

Later this week there will be good swell developing along the Brazilian coastline. Look for waves to improve in size from midweek on wards.

Indian Ocean:-

The north Indian Ocean has seen a marked shift in the forecast since our last issue. A tropical cyclone...

The List of Sponsors Grow - now DMC fins!

UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.

The Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships 2017 have a great list of sponsors for their inaugural event later this year. As a result of this everyone who competes is guaranteed to take home some fantastic prizes.

The Championships take place on world famous Fistral Beach, Newquay, over the weekend of 16-17th September. Thanks to Korev Cornish Lager and the Fistral Beach Bar the weekend also includes a Chill Out in the Fistral Beach Bar on Saturday evening (from 7-9pm) where the prizes are likely to be presented. This is in fact a great viewing platform for the event itself!

12 competitors from the UK (along with 4 wildcard entries from abroad) will compete for the honour of winning the trophy, as well as for the top prizes! Here is a rundown of what's available to win.

Slyde Handboards have donated 2 top-of-the-range Carbon Fibre Bula Handboards for 1st and 2nd place, whilst there are also likely to be special edition red, white and blue DaFin's for the top three competitors, normally only available in the USA.

Don't worry though if not in the top 3 because thanks to Satorial Supplies everyone will take home a DaFin mesh fin goodie bag including a mixture of stickers/caps/t-shirts, and thanks to DMC fins (our most recent sponsor) other competitors will be presented with their own pair of DMC Repellor Fins.

37 Bodysurfing Apparel are also very kindly sponsoring the event. They offer a fantastic range of...

Slyde Handboards Championships Ambassador

The Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships 2017 now has its very own Slyde Ambassador on board, ready and willing to help promote the Championships going forward.

The Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships are due to take place for the very first time later this year, at Fistral Beach, Newquay over the weekend of 16-17th September. Ben Schofield will be a fantastic addition to the organisational team

Ben (who’s blog is The Water Boy), is already well established as...

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