DMC Fins

DMC Fins are the latest sponsor of the BamBooBay UK Bodysurfing Championships 2021 taking place at Fistral Beach, Newquay this autumn.

The BamBooBay UK Bodysurfing Championships 2021 are being organised by the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC, supported by Surfing England, and DMC Fins are back supporting the UK bodysurfing scene for another year.

World renowned for their swim fins, they also produce a variety of handboards called Mini Boards.

A global enterprise, DMC’s base is Sydney, Australia. At the helm is Don McCredie, whose bodysurfing and swimming knowledge, combined with fin product innovation, has resulted to create a line of products that suit the beginner through to the serious aquatic athlete. They are just perfect for getting that quick take off, so necessary in bodysurfing.

Don is not just an entrepreneur, in recent years he has himself won a World Championships Bodysurfing award, in the ‘Masters’ age group.

The REPELLOR FINS model has been used with great success in bodysurfing – and is also used in bodyboarding, lifeguarding, competitions, open water swim training and snorkelling.

Now – all around the world – top class swimmers are turning to DMC Fins for training and surfers and ocean people are using DMC REPELLOR fins as their choice for aquatic propulsion!

The BamBooBay UK Bodysurfing Championships 2021 sponsored by BamBooBay will take place at Fistral Beach, Newquay over the weekend 4-5th September.  Come along and watch.

To join the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC follow the join us here link, or you can join via Surfing England.


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