Bodysurfer Andy


An experienced bodysurfer having bodysurfed in many countries around the world, over a good many years. Gained an avid interest in the sport from an early age whilst growing up in San Diego, where he started to hone his skills. Over the years he continued to bodysurf whenever opportunities arose, anywhere and anytime there have been decent swell and sizable waves, gaining further expertise. To compliment this early interest in the sport he also became very interested in weather forecasting and joined the UK Met Office straight from school. Over his career he steadily advanced to become an experienced weather forecaster within the Operations Centre, forecasting all aspects of the weather - on a global scale. During this career he spent time as the UK Shipping Forecaster, also working for a period within the Storm Tides monitoring section. He has also been heavily involved with the prediction and tracking of tropical cyclones - in both hemispheres. He is passionate about the sport of bodysurfing, and avidly wants to raise the profile of it internationally.

Posts by Bodysurfer Andy:
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