UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C.

jpeg22A non profit community interest company set up to encourage U.K. bodysurfers to unite, form friendships, and gain expertise at bodysurfing.

Anyone who wishes to join the UK Bodysurfing Association should go to Memberships  (please note that membership is for bodysurfers based in the U.K).

The Association (as a member of the Euro Bodysurf Association), arrange trips to take part in their overseas events. These take place each year across France, Portugal, Morocco and Spain (usually 3 per year).

Membership includes other benefits, such as a 25% discount off Slyde Handboards.

It is intended that a proportion of membership fees may go towards the organising costs for the U.K. Bodysurfing Championships.

Information regarding any ad-hoc Meet Ups taking place are passed on by current members to other members via Group Messenger as well as on the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC Facebook Page.


The objectives of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to:-

(a) Promote and raise the profile of the sport of bodysurfing here within the UK through the formation of an official UK Bodysurfing Association.

(b) There will be an annual membership fee of £15.00 for adults/ £10.00 for juniors which will go towards the administration costs of running the Association.

(c) With friendship and sportsmanship in mind (and taking advantage of all available sponsorship opportunities) to commence and maintain a yearly “UK Bodysurfing Championships”; to be held in Newquay, Cornwall.

(d) To liaise with the UK Pro Surf Tour (UK PST) or Surfing England in order to maintain the “UK Bodysurfing Championships”, including deciding upon event locations, judging, PA systems etc, as well as insurance.

(e) To set up a “UK Bodysurfing Championships” awards ceremony.

(f) To exist as a non profit making organisation with all funds being spent in continuing and growing the sport of Bodysurfing within the UK.

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