Puka Handplanes Review

Puka Handplanes

One of the special things about bodysurfing is the simplicity of using just your body accompanied by the power of nature. Some accessories are quite useful however, to make the bodysurfing experience even better, for example handplanes. Well, many dudes out there are taking a plank of wood and cutting them to give a a little bit of shape. This is okay (and they work) but guys like Wimpie from South Africa are taking handplane shaping to the next level.

He has spent his entire life creating special things and bodysurfing the wonderful waves of Durban. Using his lifetime knowledge and experience he has come up with his Puka Handplanes, but they filled me with curiosity too.

Puka Handplanes with concave bottom

Puka Handplanes with concave bottom

The Puka Handplanes are not just wooden surfboard shaped handplanes. He’s put all his experience into shaping the concave bottom and specially shaped the tails for different types of waves. He is also using premium ultralight wood like Kiaat Wood (African teak) and silky oak (Australian silver oak). This sounds like a guarantee for ever lasting handplane fun. Let’s have a look at what’s behind all this promise.

My personal Experience

In big waves even a bathtub will surf great so I took the chance and tested the Gun first in 3 foot Mediterranean powerless waves. With no expectations I paddled into my first wave, felt the planning and an amazingly huge lift. Huge? What? An amazing lift? I double checked the handplane because I thought there must be some foam inside. But there isn’t. It’s just wood and has a lift like an elevator. My first idea was to just ride two or three waves but this turned into a long and absolutely fun session.

Patrick Reiners with Puka Handplanes

Patrick Reiners with Puka Handplanes

The handplane holds perfect the line and in even more powerful waves it’s always stable, but is still easy for handling and turning. The bigger Puka is quite small and gentle enough for swimming, or tricks like butterfly, and the powerful lift blasts you even in small waves. My personal opinion is that the natural wooden look fits perfectly to our nature-based sport. The handplanes feel great, work great, and lastly, they are made with a true love for bodysurfing.

Puka Handplanes - top

Puka Handplanes – top

Bodysurfing needs guys like Wimpie, guys who bring a new perspective to proven commonplace things like a handplane.

All I know is that all I want and need is just one Puka Handplane and all my hopes and promises are realised!

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2 Comments on “Puka Handplanes Review

  1. Just picked up a PUKA handplane at a local surf shop in Durban and cannot wait to get in the water with this thing.
    It is absolutely beautifully crafted and is incredibly comfortable in the hand.

    I’ve also gotten a small bodyboard leash to avoid losing this little guy in the waves if it were to come off my hand.

    Wimpie, thanks bru

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