Bodysurfing – 2017 Birthday

The “Bodysurfing” website has a lot to look forward to going into 2017, but a fantastic amount has been achieved in just the past year or two, culminating in our re-launch last January. We’ve certainly a lot to celebrate this birthday, and much to look forward to going forward!


Our totally revamped “worldwide” website is up and running, which now comes with approximately 900 “Bodysurfing Specific Forecasts” covering beaches all around the world, and we have a growing list of national and international correspondents adding their own news items, articles, etc. (if you like writing or are just happy to promote the sport you could become our next correspondent)!

The new “globally orientated” website went live 12 months ago. After a few early teething problems (whereby a sudden loss of data led to a few concerns), we are pleased to say they have were all sorted. It does mean we can happily announce that the bodysurfing forecasts we produce are all ours.

We have also gone on to add in a lot of bodysurfing kit to the site during the past year, with much more to come. Incidentally, we are well aware that handplanes and waterproof cameras are really adding to the sports appeal abroad, and expect that will be the case in the UK as well. To that end we have now been able to add Slyde Handboards to our kit list! Check them all out here.

We have significantly improved and increased our social media presence internationally through both Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (whilst we also have specific Facebook pages for the Community Interest Companies).

Here in the UK, plans to get bodysurfing acknowledged as a fully fledged sport are well on their way to fulfillment. The next 12 months will be crucial to this success carrying on. Through the formation of two Community Interest Companies, the UK Bodysurfing Association and UK Bodysurfing Championships, bodysurfers from all across the UK are now able to unite, form friendships and gain expertise.

UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C.Since the memberships program commenced back in September we have seen a steady growth in interest, as well as applications to join, and the attendance figures at our monthly Meet Ups are rising every time.

Jack Middleton and Andy Bodenham arrange and oversee all the UK Bodysurfing Association Meet Ups, which are becoming increasingly popular with various watersports enthusiasts. However, we would like to see many more members come along, so even if your main sport may be surfing or bodyboarding, please do support the cause by joining us, taking part in what is a growing sport within the UK.

By holding these regular monthly Meet Ups we will also be able to ensure the best bodysurfers possible from the UK go on to compete against those from overseas.

At just £20, membership includes regular Meet Ups, free insurance (for paid up members only), as well as a 25% discount on Slyde Handboard purchases.

Having a date for our inaugural UK Championships of 16th/17th September at Fistral Beach, Newquay, is really exciting news – and that is where all of our effort will culminate later this year!

By forming these companies has also enabled us to become the sports governing body for the UK, just what our sport needed. We envisage that the UK Bodysurfing Championships may well become just one of a series of events across western Europe, ranging from Morocco, to Portugal to France.

UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.Today we are also very pleased to announce that Slyde Handboards are the key sponsor for our event this year – the UK Bodysurfing Championships to be now known as the Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships. Roll on September 2017!

As already mentioned you can follow us on the UK Bodysurfing Association and UK Bodysurfing Championships Facebook pages, and from here you can indicate your intention to come along to future Meet Ups, or take part in the Championships themselves.

UK Bodysurfing Championships T-Shirts

So, despite all we’ve done to raise the profile of the sport here in the UK this past year or two we will be reliant on all UK bodysurfers to unite in order to succeed. We need a very healthy, active and strong membership in order to grow the sport, and we encourage all of you to please join now!

We are also on the lookout for companies and individuals out there who would like to sponsor us at the Championships and help make it a success. Even ordering one of our T-Shirts will help – some of that money going directly towards the Championships costs.

One aim we have not yet managed to achieve is to get the sport recognised by Sport England. This is something we will hope to achieve in the coming years!


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