The Severn Bore

The Severn Bore, a surge of water which is forced up the funnel-shaped estuary of the river Severn, has the third highest tidal range in the world. As the river narrows near Minsterworth the bore has less area to spread which causes the waves to grow in height. These waves are then accentuated if there is a southwesterly wind, the air pressure is low, or when there is less fresh water flowing down the river. Bores can travel for several miles and reach speeds of about 10mph. If the tides at Sharpness Docks are over 9m this will produce a visible bore, but will be considered to be good bores when tides reach around the 10m level. For years surfers have come from miles around to ride the bore, and this year will be no exception.

The Severn Bore

There does not appear to be any documentation to show that a bodysurfer has ever ridden the Severn bore. Isn’t it about time that this changed?

There are a few decent bores predicted for this year, so maybe someone will be brave enough to have a go!

Here are the Severn Bore times for 2017.


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