Tom Marr wins Noosa Body Bash

The 25th Anniversary of the Noosa Festival of Surfing saw the welcome return of the Body Bash.

After the initial 4 heats with 24 competitors from taking part (several countries represented), there were then two hard fought semis. Kate Maxfield from the USA was the only non Australian to make it past the heats – well done to her for making it into the first semi-final. However, eventually this years final turned out to be an all Australian showdown. The winner was local Queensland man Tom Marr, with New South Wales well represented in 2nd and 3rd places, they were Jacob Rosenbrock and Paul Khoder. The surfing events continue…


Sunshine Beach, Noosa

The Body Bash is a special event for only the very best of bodysurfers to meet and compete bodysurfing.

Invited competitors will take part in what will be the third holding of this event within the Noosa Festival of Surfing. These are usually a mix of expert bodysurfers, lifeguards and the like from Australia, but this year the event has been opened up to allow a few more competitors from overseas to take part.

As the event takes place over a reef near Sunshine Beach it can be somewhat treacherous and that is why it is only viable for the ablest and most proficient of bodysurfers.

This years event takes place between the 5th and 12th March. For more information about the event visit Garage Handplanes, official sponsors.

Check out the Bodysurfing Specific Forecast for Sunshine Beach, Noosa and get additional information about the area at:- Sunshine Beach Bodysurfing Forecast


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