The Wedge from Slyde Handboards Review

all you need for bodysurfing

Wedge Slyde Handboards for Bodysurfing

Facts about the Wedge from Slyde Handboards
Handplanes or Handboards are used in Bodysurfing for more buoyancy and better planing. They are normally built from plastic or wood. 

Slyde Handboards are different. The Handboards are nearly like real Surfboards,with a foam core and fiberglass, but just a little bit smaller. The Wedge Handboard is 19.8inch long and 10.1inch wide and the weight is about 650 gram. All the Wedge Handboards from Slyde are provided with an goPro-Plug in front of the nose and a leash plug on the tail. The price is about 170 Dollar and depends on Model, Shape and Package.

My personal Experience
My first Handplane was just a simple Plastic-Board. I was satisfied because it did what I expected, a little bit more buoyancy. But when I changed my Plastic-handplane to the Slyde Handboard I was absolutely stoked from the  beginning. I´d never expected  such a complete different experience. The Slyde Handboard provided extra lift out of the water and a incredible buoyancy. You want to carve up and down during Bodysurfing? Usually its difficult but with the Handboard its no problem any more. I tested the Wedge in many different conditions. I can tell you something good.
It works well in all conditions I tried. I got barreled in glassy perfect Waves in Gran Canaria, I surfed tiny waves with less power ( I thought even not enough power for bodysurfing) in morocco and I had a lot of fun in choppy whitewater with close-out-sections. Planing starts very early thanks to the extra volume. Since my first patrick reiners in barrel with slyde handboardexperience with the Slyde Handboard it is a constant companion on all my journeys around the world.

There is maybe just  one point you should have in mind: A wipeout can be more painful with this Handboard then without 🙂

Take everything from the wave to the last moment. With Slyde Handboards its possible. My personal opinion: Thumps up and its worth every penny. 


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