Bodysurfing in Nicaragua

Have you ever fancied a bodysurfing holiday to Nicaragua?

It may not be the obvious choice for going on a bodysurfing holiday, but as you can see here it has proved to be a very interesting location to this crew for many reasons. Take a look at this groups fantastic home video which includes photos, video shorts, and the odd joke thrown in for good measure. It’s a real hoot.

Video:- A bodysurfing holiday in Nicaragua

Their trip was to Rise Up Surf (a specialised surfing camp located to the south of Aposentillo, Nicaragua).  The bodysurfing shots featured were shot at nearby areas known as Long Beach, The Boom, the Bay, and Island Point.

Their blog about the highlights of their trip makes for some very interesting reading, and this place must be added to everyone’s “go to” list.

Hanks Bodysurfing Blog: May 2016


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