Cloud 9 – it is a Place on Earth!

I’m sure every bodysurfer must know Cloud 9. That special moment when the wave takes you to the flight over and through the water. This is Cloud 9 for sure… but Cloud 9 is also a wave on a small Island named Siargao belonging to the Philippines. Of course the Philippines are by far not the first destination for bodysurfers in Asia. Big place names like Bali, Java and Sumatra are around too, but trust me, in the shadow of these big names is a hidden treasure where you’ll find your Cloud 9.

Patrick Reiners Bodysurfing Boardwalk cloud9 Siargao

The name is Program and on perfect days this wave can mess with the Top 10 Waves of the World.  The wave is a classic right-hander that can be both fun and challenging. Although it is a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way guarantees satisfaction. Cloud 9 is a powerful, hollow and barreling Beast which breaks just a few inches over a razor sharp reef.

On big days you definitely hear that the beast is hungry. And when you see the perfect barrels you become hungry too. Whilst walking down the famous boardwalk on top of the reef you’ll get an idea what you can expect if you decide to go in the water. It’s big, it’s fast and has a healthy mix of crazy and fun. Sometimes it’s quite challenging even to reach the lineup because of the strong current. Once arriving in the lineup you feel how the beast tries to soak you into his hungry belly. But everything is under control. During your rest you recognize the reef…the extreme shallow reef straight under your fins. A wipe-out here could be a painful experience indeed. But right now there is no way back. You feel the power, you see a mountain of water is straight on the way in your direction and your only possibility is paddle as powerful like a beast is hunting you…. and the beast is truly behind you.

cloud9 Siargao BodysurfingYou hear and feel the power and then this magic Cloud 9 moment. You become one with the wave, absolutely silent and then, you are deep in a tube of water – it’s like zero gravity. The beast decided, that he let you go and spluttered you back in reality. Many people saw your awesome ride from the safe boardwalk and thinking you are crazy to bodysurf Cloud 9. Yeah, maybe you are crazy but always when you close your eyes from this particular moment on, you’ll see this huge inside of the barrel – a sight to behold!


Some tips for Bodysurfing Cloud 9

– you have to be absolutely sure of what you are doing out there. Cloud 9 is no toy and strictly not for beginners. Mistakes will result in immense pain or even bad injuries.

– check the reef during low-tide as many times as possible. There are everywhere sharp rocks and reefs.

– talk to the locals which wind and tides are the best. If no one is in the water you shouldn’t go first. There will be a good reason for it.

– take you time on the boardwalk and check the conditions – especially the current which can change in an instant. Sometimes you’ll not be able to swim back to the boardwalk because of the strong current. You cannot fight against it. Let in take you yand exit on the next beach BUT there is a huge amount on reefs and rocks again here. Be very careful or you’ll collect some new and painful reef tattoo.

– be prepared to be the freak for all the other dude’s out there

– the most important thing: If you not sure what you are doing or feel not comfortable with the situation STOP on the boardwalk and watch the other guys in the water and surf other waves around Cloud 9. You’ll find good waves, ones which fit your skill level


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