Dirty Old Wedge – European Premiere

The Wedge is THE most famous bodysurfing beach in the world, and this film, Dirty Old Wedge, tracks its history from surfers and bodysurfers points of view.

DirtyOldWedge_Poster (27in x 41in).inddMassive waves  occasionally occur at The Wedge, Newport Beach, California which are the direct result of improvements made to the rock jetty on the western side of the Harbour back in the 1930’s. This man-made obstruction provides the perfect conditions for huge waves to develop when there is a southerly swell. Waves as large as 30 feet can and do occur regularly, often the result of swell from hurricanes/ tropical storms that have approached from  Baja California. They have become the ultimate challenge, but at the same time are extremely dangerous for all but the very best wave riders. There have been many injuries at the Wedge, also a few deaths.

Located in Newport Beach, the Wedge is also famous as being one of only a few beaches in the world which is closed to surfers and other waters sports enthusiasts at certain times of the year, allowing bodysurfers a free reign too. Although there may be only about 15 bodysurfers vying for these huge waves, there will be 1000’s of onlookers, all admiring their immense skills and bravery to just be out there in the first place.

Dirty Old Wedge is a must see, fantastic tribute film, dedicated to all those who dared to venture out on the most extreme of days. As well as the surfers, many famous bodysurfers also feature in the film, such as Mark Cunningham, Keith Malloy and Mike Stewart, including the regular “Wedge Crew”.

The Wedge

The Wedge

This exclusive first European viewing of the film takes place at 8.45 on Saturday 14th May at the Approaching Lines Festival in Newquay, Cornwall, so get in there quick and purchase your tickets!


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