UK Bodysurfing Championships 2020 – cancelled

The Corona Virus has had a massive impact on sporting events all around the world, from Premiership football to the Olympics and Wimbledon. Some events have cancelled whilst others have been postponed.

UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.

The UK Bodysurfing Association CIC have been holding out to see if the UK Bodysurfing Championships 2020 might be able to go ahead this September but although there has been some lessening of government restrictions, there is just not enough time now and too many questionmarks remaining in order to go ahead.

It is with sadness therefore that the UK Bodysurfing Championships 2020 has been cancelled.

This announcement has coincided the same year that the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC officially affiliated with Surfing England, which was announced back in January.

The UK Bodysurfing Association CIC are looking forward to working more and more closely with Surfing England in the future, to put on a number of bodysurfing events in 2021 and beyond (and expected to include holding an annual Bodysurfing Championships).

There will be more announcements about this in the coming months.




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