SLYDE HANDBOARDS: The Bula Handboard

With the first UK annual Body Surfing Championships sneaking up on us, I thought it would be a great idea to check out the weapon of choice that has been selected for the competition; The Slyde Bula.

Firstly, Thanks to Steve, Ange and the team at Slyde for creating this Shore dumping monster of a handboard for the body surfing world, made famous by the Hawaiian charging legend Sean Enoka who had a lot of input into this board.

Let me tell you a little about it, This is the most advanced and performance driven handboard on the market, designed and tested by Point Panic’s local and Kaha Nalu Hawaii founder, Sean Enoka. The Bula has been approved by the world’s greatest and best bodysurfers for its daunting deep concave that will give you that extra grip on the steepest of wave faces.

Sharp, Crisp rails cut effortlessly through any dumping shore break and can handle incredibly down a vertical take off. This board is for the advanced to elite bodysurfer looking to take their wave riding to the next level.

The details of the Bula are as follows:


There is nothing like the shape of the Hawaiian Bula, What sets it miles apart from other boards is the insane concave that has been created to slay steep, fast shore-breaks.

The Bula was born at the legendary Point Panics and but is also just at home on the Wedge and any other fast punch wave. If we get a punchy little wave come through at Fistral you will see exactly how the concave comes into its own. The Bula will keep you locked into that critical part of the wave, sheeting water away like nothing you’ve ever seen. It will hold you tight into the wave face allowing you to make that gnarly barrel section. Just check out Sean Enoka slaying the Bula in these photos at Sandys, Photographer: @phiiirrrip

Coming in at 29.88 cm long and just 18.38 cm wide it’s the perfect size. I find it is big enough to help propel you through the water and is very convenient when duck diving and swimming out to the line up is a so easy as it doesn’t cause any drag.

We will have a selection of Bula’s for the competition for competitors to use to keep it fair. You will all get to witness how amazing these little boards are. They are the little pocket rocket, barrel hunters!


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