Seal Blades

What are Seal Blades one might ask? Seal Blades are a new development on the block, created to increase the size of your hands whilst swimming – thus giving greater propulsion through the water. Having been given the… Read More


Puka Handplanes Review

Puka Handplanes One of the special things about bodysurfing is the simplicity of using just your body accompanied by the power of nature. Some accessories are quite useful however, to make the bodysurfing experience even better, for example… Read More


The Wedge from Slyde Handboards Review

Facts about the Wedge from Slyde Handboards Handplanes or Handboards are used in Bodysurfing for more buoyancy and better planing. They are normally built from plastic or wood.  Slyde Handboards are different. The Handboards are nearly like real… Read More

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