Bodds Active Swimwear

Bodds Active swimwear become the latest sponsor of the UK Bodysurfing Championships 2018.

Bodds offers an exciting, fresh choice of performance swimwear for girls and young women.  From beach to pool-party, surfboard, or even the gym we offer you the freedom to be beautifully confident, wonderfully alive, active and engaged.

Designed for a growing teenager Bodds fills the void between overtly sexy ‘adult’ styles and the dull, unflattering shapes of regular sports costumes.

In today’s digital world, where body-shaming and over-sexualised imagery is everywhere, impressionable young girls gauge self-worth in terms of how close they look to some manipulated idea of ‘perfection’.

Bodds endeavours to use materials that seek to reduce waste dumped in our oceans, and to only work with manufacturers who treat employees fairly.

We use discarded fishing nets from the ocean to turn into Econyl fabric for our swimwear. By taking waste from the ocean we are giving back to the sea.

Owner Claire has offered to present every female participant with a prize – now there’s something to encourage all you ladies out there to come along and compete!

The UK Bodysurfing Championships are very pleased that Bodds Active Swimwear are getting involved in this years event!


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