Bodysurfing Wales

jpeg22A non profit community interest company set up to encourage bodysurfers from across the UK to unite, form friendships, and gain expertise at bodysurfing.

In order to initiate a closer liaison with UK surfing federations the UK Bodysurfing Asociation CIC has now formed 4 sub groups; Bodysurfing England, Bodysurfing Wales, Bodysurfing Scotland and Bodysurfing Northern Ireland.

Any ad-hoc Meet Ups going on are circulated via a group messenger arrangement, whereby any member heading out for a session can let other members know where they will be, and then other members can join up, thus go bodysurfing together as a group and also form friendships.

The UK Bodysurfing Association CIC is also a member of the European Bodysurfing Association. It’s members can take part in European events (in France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco as well as here in the UK)

There will be an annual membership fee of £15.00 for adults/ £10.00 for juniors which will go towards the administration costs of running the Association.

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