Vissla Bewet Chiba 3/2mm 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black

A great wetsuit for bodysurfing!!

Vissla Bewet Chiba 3/2mm 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black

Vissla Bewet Chiba 3/2mm 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black

Vissla have collaborated with the premium Japanese wetsuit makers BEWET on the Chiba range BEWET have worked with a number of professional surfers over the years and there was a single design goal in their mind when making the Chiba; Performance! Hand-made and available exclusively at magicseaweed. The BEWET factory does not use petroleum in their manufacturing instead opting for a more environmentally friendly limestone process. The limestone used in BEWET’s neoprene is sourced from the Kurochime mountains in Niigata Japan. The factory that makes the neoprene only uses hydroelectric power (that comes from 15 power stations located in the Hida mountains) and its own solar power system making for a more self-sustainable and eco-friendly process. To complete the cycle remnants from BEWET’s factory (as well as recycled and used wetsuits) are collected and passed to a local thermal power station to generate electricity.


  • Neoprene: Oxygen filled neoprene to give an overall warmer suit
  • Tailored Fit: Anatomically engineered fit to allow unrestricted movement
  • Chest Zip: Minimal bulk with contoured. watertight design
  • Seams: Triple hand glued. double blind-stitched. No need for interior taping as the glue used is super watertight
  • Knee Pads: Anatomically designed. flexible and strong
  • Materials: Hand made in Japan, petroleum free
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Stretch: 100% Super Stretch S60 Supreme Japanese neoprene
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