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There are a number of bodysurfing competitions held around the world, from Hawaii and California to France, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

The World Bodysurfing Championships are held hear year in Oceanside, California, whilst the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic is held each year at the Banzai Pipeline on the north Shore of the island of Oahu, first held back in 1971. Australia hold the Flat Rock Bodysurfing Invitational in either April or May, with the Womp Comp held around March.

World Bodysurfing Championships

The 39th World Bodysurfing Championships took place on August 22nd and 23rd, 2015. A number of events were held for both men and women, in various age groups. The men’s Grand Champion was James Fenney III, whilst the Women’s Grand Champion turned out to be Makena Magro. Next year will be their 40th year of competitions.

1st Annual Oahu Bodysurfing Championships

Sandy’s was the venue for the recent 1st Annual Oahu Bodysurfing Championships.  It appears that this event may replace the long running north shore Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, which has really struggled to get the necessary permissions over recent years.

Over 50 competitors showed up for this newly located event, including veteran bodysurfer Mark Cunningham.

However, this competition nearly didn’t get off the ground either (or into the sea for that matter!). There is just not enough sponsorship in the sport at the moment and even getting a license from the city proved nigh on impossible due to the high costs involved. Despite all these difficulties the organisers have somehow managed to get this inaugural event up and running, and they are owed a great deal of credit for striving to make it happen.

Front runners in the heats were Kai Santos and Mark Cunningham.  The event concluded on 8th November.

Forthcoming Competitions

  • Womp Comp
  • Flat Rock Bodysurfing Invitational
  • World Bodysurfing Championships
  • Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic (see above)
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