Recommendations for Competitors

UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.The Competitor should ensure that:-

  1. He or she is familiar with, and adhere to the UKBC/UKBA Code of Conduct for Bodysurfers
  2. All individuals have completed a form giving details for next of kin/emergency contact numbers
  3. Provide details of any medical conditions that may be relevant for the safety and well being of the individual or other members of the group
  4. The latest weather forecast for each day has been examined, understood and acted upon prior to the start of each days competition

If the competitor goes bodysurfing outside of the competition area then he should also ensure that:-

  1. He or she assesses the surf (and any other factors relevant to safety) at the beach being used for at least 15 minutes prior to entering the water.
  2. Never bodysurfs alone
  3. Always advises someone of the location and time of your bodysurf
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