Global Swell Outlook

The Swell Outlook for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans – including prospects for tropical cyclone development.

12th to 18th March 2018:-



Atlantic Ocean:-

There will be a very large and dangerous W to NW swell for most of this week across western Europe. The western coasts of France, Spain and Portugal will face the brunt of it, but some exposed coasts of UK and Morocco will see some very large swell at times too. Even eastern parts of the UK are likely to see a large swell develop later in the period, from a S’ly direction.

An area of low pressure will develop off of the Eastern Seaboard during the middle of the week, leading to a huge N to NW’ly swell for the eastern states. Some associated large swell will also filter down into the Gulf of Mexico from this development. Areas where the winds are offshore will do very well for clean waves.

In the south Atlantic there will be some moderate sized S’ly swell developing up the west coast of South Africa later this week, the south coasts faring quite well throughout. Look for days where the winds have eased or are offshore.

Pacific Ocean:

In the North Pacific Ocean some N’ly swell will spread south down the western states during the period, not reaching southern California until mid-week though.

Western coasts will benefit from some good waves this week as an E’ly swell continues to affect the Philippines.

Eastern Australia has been buffeted by a couple of cyclones just lately and that’s the case again during this period. Firstly there will be the side affects from ex-cyclone Hola as it nears North Island, New Zealand and then another cyclone is likely to develop and move SW towards Queensland in time for next weekend. Incidentally, a cyclone is also likely to develop over northwest Australia later in this forecast period. Follow the developments of all these cyclones via the official links below.

Chile and Peru are expected to see some very large to dangerous swell this week, especially southern Chile.

Indian Ocean:-

In the Indian Ocean there will be a persistent E’ly swell affecting Madagascar this week.

Southern Ocean:-

Southern Australia will be unsettled with plenty of swell this week, from various directions. Tasmania will be worst affected as an area of low pressure leads to very dangerous swell here towards the end of this week.


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