Flat Rock Bodysurfing Invitational

Australia is home to some astoundingly good weather and has hundreds of great beaches on offer. Although bodysurfing is not the only water sport seen here, it has been and always will be one of the more popular… Read More


WaveWrecker Bodysurfing Wetsuit

A startup company in San Diego aims to transform the art of bodysurfing by introducing a new, unique style of wetsuit. Like most wetsuits it is buoyant and will keep a person relatively dry and warm, but this… Read More


Storm Henry

Storm Henry duly arrived on Monday afternoon, punching winds in excess of 90 mph. As well as the wind, there was a 40 foot southerly swell encapsulated within it which spread to the coasts of Northern Ireland, western… Read More


Search and Enjoy

One of the greatest feelings there is when it comes to any kind of wave riding is adventure. That’s the feeling you get when your “bud” calls, or sends a message on every possible device known to man,… Read More


Australian Tropical Cyclone Outlook

The Bureau of Meteorology (B.o.M.) has issued its outlook for the 2015-16 Australian Tropical Cyclone Season and a less active season than average is predicted. Large swell events are therefore less likely to occur around their coasts. El… Read More


Wave Rage

There have been at least two incidents of wave rage within the surfing world during the past few years, all to do with wave etiquette and the apparent ignorance of following these simple rules. Even if not written… Read More



Whether you’re surfing, bodyboarding or bodysurfing the story is the same when it comes down to the grimy issue of sewage, it’s not just a problem here in the UK – but around the globe. Water quality One… Read More


Shark Attacks – Is it safe to bodysurf?

Bodysurfing is a sport whereby one is submersed in water throughout, so it is always more pleasurable to do it where the weather is fine and the seas warm. However, anywhere that the seas are warm (and there’s… Read More


Bodysurfing “flip”

At the recent Point Panic Bodysurfing Championships a forward “flip” was performed by the eventual winner. This spectacular manoeuvre by Kaneali’i Wilcox in the third round of the competition helped ensure he was crowned this years champion. View… Read More


The Severn Bore

The Severn Bore, a surge of water which is forced up the funnel-shaped estuary of the river Severn, has the third highest tidal range in the world. As the river narrows near Minsterworth the bore has less area… Read More

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