Flat Rock Bodysurfing Invitational

Australia is home to some astoundingly good weather and has hundreds of great beaches on offer. Although bodysurfing is not the only water sport seen here, it has been and always will be one of the more popular sports that can be viewed along its shores. This is even more the case now as the numbers of competitions increase.

Indeed, this increase in popularity has led to more bodysurfing competitions taking place elsewhere around the world, and the Flat Rock Bodysurfing Invitational is one in particular that has blossomed of late. This year it is to be renamed “The 2016 Ted Harvey Flatrock Bodysurfing Memorial Classic”, and will take place in Newcastle, on the east coast.

Interestingly, this competition is very unique in that it takes place on a reef (not a recommended location in which to practice the sport) so definitely a competition for true experts. Subject to the amount of interest, about 25 of the most experienced bodysurfers are likely to be invited along. These are usually a mix of lifeguards, triathletes and Olympic swimmers from Australia, but there are likely to be greater numbers of overseas competitors this year (if they can manage the long haul flight)!

Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle, Australia

The event is scheduled to take place on Sunday May 1st 2016. Further information and details about applying can be found on the bodysurfers.info website.


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