Xcel Revolt 3/2mm TDC 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black

A great wetsuit for bodysurfing!!

Xcel Revolt 3/2mm TDC 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black

Xcel Revolt 3/2mm TDC 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black

Xcel’s Revolt takes all the features from its popular Infiniti suit and throws in some excellent additions to make an incredibly warm and flexible summer wetsuit that you can really push hard and use earlier and get out of later in the season. Let’s start with the neoprene; the entire Revolt suit uses Xcel’s top performance lightweight neoprene; ”V Foam” for ultimate freedom of movement. The Revolt’s seals have also been given a big upgrade using Xcel’s exclusive Drylock wrist donut seals which helps keep water out – justifying the suit’s price increase. The Revolt also offers high pile Thermo Dry Celliant lining on the inside of the chest and back panels with single lined rubberised outer panels helping to keep your core warm and prevent wind chill. The thick Celliant fluffy polypro lining wicks water away from your skin while providing added insulation. The unique mineral fibres in the pile turn your lost body heat into infra-red energy so it can be reabsorb.


  • Knee panels: DuraFlex contoured pads with flex to allow for freedom of movement.
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Entry: Xcel’s chest zip entry system with magnetic zip closure.
  • Neoprene: Lightweight Foam Ultrastretch neoprene for ultimate freedom of movement.
  • Thermo Dry Celliant lining from shoulder to ankle. with high pile fluffy chest and back panels for extra warmth and quick drying.
  • Seams: Glued and blindstitched with pressure bonded thermo dry tape.
  • Seals: Xcel’s exclusive Drylock wrist seal; this seamless engineered donut seal construction keeps more water out.
  • Nexskin liquid neoprene grip around the ankles.
  • Texture Skin: Embossed rubber chest and back panel (single lined) reducing wind chill through to your core.
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