UK Bodysurfing Championships – Judging

The UK Bodysurfing Championships 2019 will likely consist of three events, Men’s Open, Mens Handboard and a Ladies Final.

Local Rules – Fistral Beach, Newquay:-

UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.

  • Judging – Contestants will be judged on how well they bodysurf, based on wave selection, quality of take off, position in wave, style, length of ride, maneuverability and originality.
  • Scoring – All waves will be judged by every judge, giving a maximum of 10 points per ride. However, only a contestants top 2 rides will be used to create their final score. In the event of a tie the judges will look at the next highest wave scores until a result is obtained.
  • No cut-offs – The first person on the wave has priority. If two bodysurfers enter the wave at the same time the judges will decide who was closest to the peak, and that person will be deemed to have had priority.
  • Equipment – Allowed equipment are wetsuits, fins (with handboards or no handboards, depending on event entered).
  • Check-in – Please be sure to check in at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your heat.
  • Rash vests and coloured caps – Must be worn.
  • Heats – Each heat will last 20 minutes, with 4 competitors per heat (2 progress). There will be two semi-finals of 20 minutes with the final taking place over 25 minutes.

There will be one blast of the horn (and a GREEN disc) to indicate the start of the heat (an ORANGE disc indicates 5 minutes left) with two blasts (and NO Disc) to indicate the end of the heat (please return to shore immediately after your heat – reporting to the beach marshal). Please take note of the discs displayed during your heat if you cannot hear the horn.

  • Beach Start – Heats start from the beach as the previous heat (if there is one) ends – thus allowing 5 minutes to swim out to the breaking waves.
  • Protests – Any protests must be made within 30 minutes of the heat ending.
  • Diversity – This event is open to male/female competitors of any age and from all ethnic backgrounds.

Contestants Judging Sheets/Draw – Competitors taking part

        • Men’s Open event
        • Men’s Handboard event
        • Ladies Final

      Note – See Judging Criteria for specific detail on how the judging is done.

The UK Bodysurfing Championships is weather dependant – a decision on whether the event can go ahead is made in the week prior to the date of the event, and all contestants will be notified via either email or social media.

The UK Bodysurfing Championships CIC cannot be held responsible for any cancellation of the event.

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