BWT Qualifiers

Here is the full list of qualifiers for the Bodysurfing World Tour Finals. The preliminaries and main event will be held in Oahu, Hawaii, during the period 4 – 14 June 2024. Full details about this event can… Read More


Qualifiers for Bodysurfing World Tour Finals

Qualifiers for the inaugural International BodySurfing Association (IBSA) Bodysurfing World Tour (BWT) Finals 2024 have recently been announced for the various regional zones, along with those who have been invited to take part in a preliminary Wild Card… Read More


Bodysurfing World Tour

The whole world of Bodysurfing just got even more exciting with the recent announcement of an IBSA BodySurfing World Tour! Here are all the details, provided by the IBSA. The IBSA BodySurfing World Tour will feature both Open… Read More

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