UKBC/UKBA Code of Conduct for Bodysurfers

Code of Conduct for Bodysurfers

  1. All bodysurfers must be able to swim at least 50 metres in open water
  2. All UK Bodysurfers must be members of the UKBA
  3. It is recommended that you are covered by Public Liability Insurance whilst bodysurfing
  4. Keep bodysurfing equipment in good condition
  5. Have consideration for other water users, including anglers
  6. Never bodysurf out of your depth alone
  7. Never bodysurf immediately after eating a meal
  8. Always return to the beach before nightfall
  9. Never mix bodysurfing with alcohol or drugs
  10. Always wear a wetsuit when bodysurfing in the UK, one appropriate for the sea temperatures at the time
  11. When possible, use a lifeguard patrolled beach. Obey the lifeguards instructions
  12. Where possible, bodysurf in a recognised bodysurfing area (e. g. between the red and yellow flags)
  13. Take appropriate avoiding action of all other water users
  14. Keep clear of others when catching a wave. Remember, if someone else is already riding the wave you must not take off
  15. Be environmentally friendly. Take home your rubbish, and leave the beach and other areas as you would swish to find them


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