Slyde Handboards

Slyde Handboards are one of the latest sponsors for the UK Bodysurfing Championships 2019.

Manufacturers of some of the highest quality handboards in the world, Slyde Handboards also come with the facility to attach modern waterproof cameras.

With the addition of a waterproof camera gives each bodysurfer the chance to record their rides for posterity, and to share amongst their friends.

This really gives Slyde Handboards an edge in a what is a very competitive marketplace.

Slyde Handboard

Slyde Handboard

The UK Bodysurfing Championships CIC really appreciates all the sponsorship Slyde has given them over the years!

The UK Bodysurfing Championships 2019 will be taking place at Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall over the weekend 7-8th September.


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