UK Bodysurfing Association C.I.C.

jpeg22A non profit community interest company set up to encourage U.K. bodysurfers to unite, form friendships, and gain expertise at bodysurfing.

Anyone who wishes to join the UK Bodysurfing Association should go to Memberships (please note that membership is intended primarily for bodysurfers based in the U.K).

All members of the UK Bodysurfing Association will be invited to regular Meet Ups which are held at various beaches around SW England. Feel free to come along for a taster session prior to joining.

Membership also includes free insurance cover along with other benefits (such as a 25% discount off Slyde Handboards).

It is intended that a proportion of membership fees will go towards the organising costs for the U.K. Bodysurfing Championships.

Information regarding past and future Meet Ups, and the Members blog can be found within the members only section of the website (log in required).

Information regarding forthcoming Meet Ups is passed on to members via e-mail and advertised on the UK Bodysurfing Association Facebook Page – Events.

It is anticipated that Meet ups will assist in selecting bodysurfers for direct entry into the UK Bodysurfing Championships 2018.

Note:- The UK Bodysurfing Association has no liability for anyone else who happens to be there on the day – if any non-members join in they must sign a UK Bodysurfing Association – Disclaimer Form. If intending to come along for a taster session please can the disclaimer form be printed and filled in advance, and brought along on the day.

All members will be invited to attend regular Meet Ups, to be organised and run by Jack Middleton and Andy Bodenham.

Jack Middleton

Born and raised in Cornwall with its rugged cliffs, powerful waves, secret coves and beautiful sandy beaches, surfing has always been in my blood. This, combined with a background of competitive swimming, and bodysurfing was the obvious progression! After a friend introduced me and my girlfriend, Brogen, to this alternative form of wave riding, we were hooked!


Jack and Brogan

Becoming a bit of a hoarder for handplanes and fins, and helped no end by Dave at Garage Handplanes, bodysurfing became all consuming. After a recent trip to the World Bodysurfing Championships at Oceanside, California, we were blown away with how big bodysurfing was in the many countries represented there and how unified it was within them with several competitions a year, regular meet-ups and even bodysurfing clubs.

With this in mind, Frogslegz was born. A place for all things bodysurfing in the UK; clothing, handplanes, fins, photos, stories…

We are very excited to be working with the UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C. to bring together the hardcore group of underground charging bodysurfers in the UK by organising monthly meet ups and, of course, the UK Bodysurfing Championships!

Happy Slyding!

Andy Bodenham

An experienced bodysurfer, I having bodysurfed in many countries around the world, over a good many years.

I gained my avid interest in the sport from an early age whilst growing up in San Diego, where I started to hone my skills. Over the years I have continued to bodysurf whenever opportunities arise, anywhere, anytime there have been decent swell and sizable waves, gradually gaining more expertise.


Andy on a beach

To compliment this early interest in the sport I became very interested in weather forecasting and joined the UK Met Office. Over a long career I steadily advanced to become an experienced weather forecaster within the Operations Centre, Exeter, forecasting all aspects of the weather – on a  global scale! During this career I spent time as the UK Shipping Forecaster, also working for a period within the Storm Tides monitoring section. HI have also been heavily involved with the prediction and tracking of tropical cyclones – in both hemispheres.

I am passionate about the sport of bodysurfing, and avidly want to raise the profile of it internationally, but especially here in the U.K.! To that end I established Bodysurfing, which has proved crucial in being able to advance bodysurfing to the next level.

The UK Bodysurfing Association has joined forces with Bodysurfing France and other European countries to form a European Bodysurfing Association. Countries around the world are also supporting Commission Bodysurf, France in its attempts to create a Global Bodysurfing Organisation (this includes the UK Bodysurfing Association). All of this will hugely raise the profile of bodysurfing – both in Europe and around the world.


The objectives of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to:-

(a) Promote and raise the profile of the sport of bodysurfing here within the UK through the formation of an official UK Bodysurfing Association.

(b) There will be an annual membership fee of £20.00 per member which will go towards the administration costs of running the Association, also towards creating an annual UK Bodysurfing Championships.

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