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The map above shows up-to-date bodysurfing conditions for beaches around the world. Zoom in to select good bodysurfing areas, then compare nearby beaches (full 5 day forecasts are also available from here for nearly 900 locations).

Links below to animating charts and all 5 day bodysurfing specific forecasts

Bodysurfing "Flip"

At the recent Point Panic Bodysurfing Championships a forward "flip" was performed by the eventual winner. This spectacular manoeuvre by Kaneali'i Wilcox in the third round of the competition helped ensure he was crowned this years champion. View the video on our Bodysurfing Videos page.

Top Tips

Top 10 Tips





10 Tips for Bodysurfing Success

  1. Check the forecast
  2. Check the beach at low tide for any submerged rocks
  3. Have a look at surf cams
  4. Keep within the red and yellow flags
  5. Get to where the waves are breaking
  6. Bodysurf along the breaking wave if possible
  7. Keep warm at all times
  8. Wear flippers if out of your depth
  9. Use gloves, hood and slippers in cold seas
  10. Wear a whistle if bodysurfing alone/at a remote location


No specific equipment is required to have a go at bodysurfing, but if you do take up this extreme sport (and participate all around the world) it will be a very good idea to get yourself a good wet suit, gloves, hood and slippers. Wet suit slippers are probably preferable to boots as they still allow for flippers to be worn when going out of your depth. As well as flippers, which help generate speed, a more recent addition to the sport are hand planes (ideal for getting more of your body out of the water and thus increasing planing ability).


Whether you’re surfing, bodyboarding or bodysurfing the story is the same when it comes down to the grimy issue of sewage. It is a problem both here in the UK and around the globe.

Water quality

One of the major contributors to poor water quality in the U.K. are...

Wave Rage

There have been at least two incidents of wave rage within the surfing world during the past few years, all to do with wave etiquette and the apparent ignorance of following these simple rules.

Even if not written down anywhere this surfing etiquette has always existed. It denotes that a wave belongs to the first surfer to catch it, and that others should pull out as soon as they can.

As a general rule this is what happens - but not always. Watch this video as one surfer rugby tackles another for cutting in on his wave - whilst on the wave itself, creating a washing machine mangle of surfers and their boards.

Famous Bodysurfers

Mark Cunningham, Mike Stewart and Keith Malloy are three of the most well known bodysurfers in the world. Read more about their achievements...

Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham


The 39th World Bodysurfing Championships were held this year at Oceanside, California, taking place on August 22nd and 23rd. A number of events were held for both men and women, in various age groups. The men's Grand Champion was James Fenney III whilst the Women's Grand Champion turned out to be Makena Magro. Next year will be their 40th year of competitions.


The sport of bodysurfing is believed to have initiated many years ago, in Tahiti, Polynesia, in the days of Captain Cook. He has been credited with founding the sport...

Shark Attacks - Is it safe to bodysurf?

Great White Shark

A Great White Shark

Bodysurfing is a sport whereby one is submersed in water throughout, so it is always more pleasurable to do it where the weather is fine and the seas warm. However, anywhere that the seas are warm (and there's a good food source nearby) can entice sharks into the area too. Despite these facts, shark attacks on humans have tended to be a very rare event indeed - but are bodysurfers at an increased risk now?

Australian Tropical Cyclone Outlook

The Bureau of Meteorology (B.o.M.) has issued its outlook for the 2015-16 Australian Tropical Cyclone Season and a less active season than average is predicted. Large swell events are therefore less likely to occur around their coasts.

El Nino (which has been particularly strong during 2015, and generally considered a major driver for reducing the strength of the cyclone season across Australia) is the main reason for this conclusion. It has the affect of reducing the numbers of cyclones which travel across the Australian mainland, also increasing the length of time before the first one of the season occurs. Read the full report for a region by region breakdown.

Their tropical cyclone season runs from November through to April.

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