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The map above shows up-to-date bodysurfing conditions for approximately 900 beaches around the world. Zoom in to select good bodysurfing areas, then compare nearby beaches (full 5 day forecasts are available for all locations). Once zoomed in the slider can also be used to view colour changes in the next few days.

All beach forecasts are based on NOAA WW3 forecast data (utilising operational NCEP products) which are then manipulated to be bodysurfing specific, and are updated on a daily basis.


From here we have links to the UK Bodysurfing Association and UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.'s.

Join the UK Bodysurfing Association in order to take part in regular Meet Ups around SW England, or express your interest in taking part in the Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships 2017, taking place at Fistral Beach, Newquay.

Korev and Fistral Beach Bar sponsor Championships

The UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C. are stoked to announce that as well as Slyde Handboards, Korev Cornish Lager and the Fistral Beach Bar are also sponsoring their Championships this September.

The inaugural Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships 2017 are to take place at Fistral Beach, Newquay, over the weekend of 16-17th September. There will be 4 heats, 2 semi-finals, followed by the grand final. Twelve bodysurfers from the UK (and 4 wildcard entries from overseas) will be competing for top prizes of 2 top of the range carbon fibre Slyde Bula Handboards.

There will be the opportunity to observe the bodysurfing "as it happens" from the comfort of the Fistral Beach Bar balcony. If you've never seen this sport practiced to the highest standards this is your chance. Modern innovations such as handboards have really made the extreme sport of bodysurfing more of a spectacle by bringing the bodysurfer out of the water.

Fistral Beach Bar

Fistral Beach Bar

Thanks to Korev Cornish Lager and the Fistral Beach Bar, everyone who's around on Saturday can then chill out later that evening in the Fistral Beach Bar, have a drink whilst watching Slyde videos on the big screen. The prize giving is likely to take place here too (all events are likely to take place on Saturday, although Sunday is available as a back-up should there be no waves).

All potential competitors from the UK will need to become members of the UK Bodysurfing Association first via the Membership page, but can also register early interest via the contact form, and any international competitors who are interested can similarly get in touch this way.

In this inaugural year there will only be 12 competitors taking part from the UK with 4 wildcards from abroad, so please register your interest soon, or join now.

The UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C. look forward to making this event a "regular" on the Bodysurfing Calendar!

Global Swell Outlook

27th February to 5th March 2017:-

The Swell Outlook for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans - including prospects for tropical cyclone development.

Global Swell Outlook

Atlantic Ocean:-

Storm Doris packed a punch for the UK last week and we start this week with the after effects of Storm Ewan. An area of very dangerous and massive swell is due to arrive in the Bay of Biscay early this week, although as it's a very large area the effects will be felt from the UK all to way south to Iberia. France is in the direct firing line of the largest of the swell, so one area to avoid until it turns quieter and with lighter winds. Some very large waves can be expected at Nazare, Portugal, where the period will be in excess of 15 seconds!As an example, here is the up to date forecast for Supertubos.

After this swell event ends it stays quite lively across western Europe through to the end of the week, with further large swell, France and Iberia seeing the brunt of it.

The south Atlantic is relatively quiet this week, although there will, as is the norm, be some good swell and waves for South African beaches.

Pacific Ocean:- 

The western states should have some good waves to start this week, lighter offshore winds cleaning up what is left of the swell from recent events.

Over on the other side of the north Pacific, after a quite quiet start, there will be large swell developing from around mid-week near to Japan. The eastern beaches will be faring best.

In the southern Pacific Ocean the cyclonic season has been...

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