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The map above shows up-to-date bodysurfing conditions for beaches around the world. Zoom in to select good bodysurfing areas, then compare nearby beaches (full 5 day forecasts are also available from here for nearly 900 locations).

There are links below to all animating charts and full 5 day bodysurfing specific forecasts (please allow a minute for page to fully load)

Global Swell Outlook

26th September to 2nd October 2016:-

The Swell Outlook for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans - including prospects for tropical cyclone development.



Atlantic Ocean:-

The north Atlantic has come to life.

A series of developing lows will affect northern Europe with fairly large swell spreading to the UK, Scandinavia and the North Sea. Look for quieter days between weather systems (and preferably offshore winds) for the best waves. The swell will be especially large in Scotland and southern Norway around midweek.

Elsewhere, swell and offshore winds close to the Algarve will result in very good, clean waves at locations such as Sagres most of this week.

An easterly wave is moving quickly west in the central Atlantic towards the Caribbean. This is likely to result in a tropical storm developing by midweek - as we go to print the Lesser Antilles are first in the firing line of this developing cyclone. The forecast is for large swell here, but the swell may then become extremely large in the southern Caribbean later if the system subsequently develops into a hurricane towards next weekend.

Caribbean - Sat 1st Oct

An easterly wave will move quickly west towards the Caribbean this week - expected to result in very large swell here next weekend

Follow the progress of all tropical storms and hurricanes via the links below.

In the South Atlantic there will be good waves in SW Africa and South Africa this week. After storms pass the winds should turn offshore with large and clean waves, most likely likely midweek onward into next weekend.

Pacific Ocean:- 

In the west of the North Pacific Ocean strong typhoon Megi is heading directly towards Taiwan, expected to make a direct hit here early this week before weakening over China around midweek. Very large and dangerous seas will affect the area.

In the eastern North Pacific another tropical storm is likely to be named very soon, and is forecast to head slowly towards southern Baja California. After last week, another...

Bodysurfing in Nicaragua

Have you ever fancied a bodysurfing holiday to Nicaragua?

It may not be the obvious choice for going on a bodysurfing holiday, but as you can see here it has proved to be a very interesting location to this crew for many reasons. Take a look at this groups fantastic home video which includes photos, video shorts, and the odd joke thrown in for good measure. It's a real hoot.

Video:- A bodysurfing holiday in Nicaragua

Their trip was to..

Cloud 9 - a place on earth!

I'm sure every bodysurfer must know Cloud 9. That special moment when the wave takes you to the flight over and through the water. This is Cloud 9 for sure... but Cloud 9 is also a wave on a small Island named Siargao belonging to the Philippines. Of course the Philippines are by far not the first destination for bodysurfers in Asia. Big place names like Bali, Java and Sumatra are around too, but trust me, in the shadow of these big names is a hidden treasure where you'll find your Cloud 9.

Patrick Reiners Bodysurfing Boardwalk cloud9 Siargao

The name is Program and on perfect days this wave can mess with the Top 10 Waves of the World.  The wave is a classic right-hander that can be both fun and challenging. Although it is a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way guarantees satisfaction. Cloud 9 is a powerful, hollow and barreling Beast which breaks just a few inches over a razor sharp reef.

On big days you definitely hear that the beast is hungry. And when you see the perfect barrels you become hungry too. Whilst walking down the famous boardwalk on top of the reef you'll get an idea what you can expect if you decide to go in the water. It's big, it's fast and has a healthy mix of crazy and fun. Sometimes it's quite challenging even to reach the lineup because of the strong current. Once arriving in the lineup you feel how the beast tries to soak you into his hungry belly. But everything is under control. During...

Wedge Slyde Handboard Review

Facts about the Wedge from Slyde Handboards

All you need for bodysurfing

Wedge Slyde Handboard for Bodysurfing

Slyde Handboards are different. The Handboards are nearly like real Surfboards,with a foam core and fiberglass, but just a little bit smaller. The Wedge Handboard is 19.8inch long and 10.1inch wide and the weight is about 650 gram. All the Wedge Handboards from Slyde are provided with an goPro-Plug in front of the nose and a leash plug on the tail. The price is...

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