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The map above shows up-to-date bodysurfing conditions for approximately 900 beaches around the world. Zoom in to select good bodysurfing areas, then compare nearby beaches (full 5 day forecasts are available for all locations). Once zoomed in the slider can also be used to view colour changes in the next few days.

All beach forecasts are based on NOAA WW3 forecast data (utilising operational NCEP products) which are then manipulated to be bodysurfing specific, and are updated on a daily basis.

The UK Bodysurfing Association and UK Bodysurfing Championships C.I.C.’s.

Join the UK Bodysurfing Association to take part in regular Meet Ups around SW England, gaining expertise in the sport of bodysurfing. An annual UK Bodysurfing Championships is held at Fistral Beach, Newquay.


The next stage of the Euro Bodysurf series will take place on the weekend of 18-19th November in Morocco.

Euro Bodysurf are going to Mehdia Beach, Morocco

Euro Bodysurf are going to Mehdia Beach, Morocco

Bodysurfers from many places, including France and Portugal will be travelling to Mehdia Beach, Morocco for this event, the last in this years series of European events.

Mehdia Beach, near Rabat, is just one of numerous beaches on the coast of Morocco, which sees excellent swell and waves all year round.

Bodysurf Maroc will be hosting the event, with check-in at 8 PM.

Please visit Euro Bodysurf Association for more details about how to register, travel and accommodation.


Mens and Ladies Seedings

Following on from the recent Slyde Handboards UK Bodysurfing Championships 2017, preliminary seedings for 2018 were recently issued.

UK Bodysurfing Association:-

A few additional internal comps are likely to be held during the year at our regular Meet Ups (which all members will be invited along to participate in) but these are not likely to impinge greatly on the overall seedings. This is because not all members will be available to take part – therefore the results of these events are expected to have a lower value when compared to the results from the Championships.

Anyone who wishes to join the UK Bodysurfing Association and come along to Meet Ups can become a member here.

Just how much value will be given to these results will be decided by the Association’s directors in the near future.

Preliminary Seedings for 2018


The Swell Outlook for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans – including prospects for tropical cyclone development.

13th to 19th November 2017:-



Atlantic Ocean:-

The Bodysurf Maroc bodysurfing event takes place next weekend at Mehdia Beach, near Rabat. This is the last of this years Euro Bodysurf Association series of events. Previously very successful events have been held in Portugal and France.

Although the swell has been excellent of late in Morocco, we are looking at a lull in the swell for much of this week. Long range models do however show that there will be more great swell heading their way for the very end of this period. As we go to print Saturday is still quite tranquil, but Sunday on the other hand does look like seeing some large swell right across the country.

Elsewhere in the North Atlantic some moderate northwesterly swell is affecting the UK early this week. This will be followed by some very large northwesterly swell swinging down from Iceland towards the UK in the second half of the week. Not only will this affect the UK, but also the North Sea, France and Iberia by Thursday or Friday.

Over the other side of the pond – well, there will be some good northerly swell for the Eastern Seaboard early in the period, this swell sinking south and persisting in Florida and the Bahamas for most of this period.

In the South Atlantic some good swell will develop up the west coast of Africa during the week, accompanied by welcome offshore winds. These areas will be particularly good compared to of late with some nice clean waves and great bodysurfing at favoured beaches.

Over the other side of the South Atlantic we will see some very large swell affecting Argentina and Brazil at first, followed by a lull before more decent sized swell arrives here in time for next weekend.

Pacific Ocean:-

In the North Pacific Ocean there will be very large southwesterly swell for Washington and British Columbia throughout this week as a deep area of low pressure lingers nearby.

Out west, there will be some good swell affecting Japan this week. As is often the case it will be the eastern beaches where the winds are offshore. The swell here is set to increase in size for next weekend as an area of low pressure develops and moves out of Asia.

In the south Pacific the weather systems have moved a little south as summer shows signs of arrival, but despite this there will still be some very large swell for Chile this week. Good swell will also affect New Zealand this week, chiefly South Island.

Eastern Australia, up around the Gold Coast, should keep an eye on forecasts as some excellent easterly swell looks like arriving here later in the period, just in time for later in the period/next weekend. This could be associated with some sort of tropical development within Fiji’s area of concern.

Indian Ocean:-

The Indian Ocean is relatively quiet through this period. This potential disturbance in the Bay of Bengal has not so far materialised. Western Australia looks like seeing some great waves as an offshore wind combines with a moderate swell.

Southern Ocean:-

Expect to see some great swell and waves this week all along the coast in southern Australia, despite weather systems now sinking further away from the country.

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